Menorah Hebrew Jewelry Cufflinks

We saw previously that the Menorah is a classic Jewish symbol which often features in Hebrew Jewelry. The Menorah is shown on Israel’s flag, and is a symbol for the light of the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible) burning perpetually – of Jewish hope that never goes out. The light continues to burn, despite opposition and persecution, even through centuries. The Jewish people survive against all odds. This makes the Menorah a delightful design in Jewish Jewelry.

As we have seen, the Menorah features in Hebrew Jewelry such as charms, necklaces, pendants, earrings and other Jewish jewelry aimed at women. But the Menorah is also a masculine symbol – reminding us of those religious Jews who were zealous for the Torah, and fought for Israel against assimilation and to maintain the Torah. The Menorah reminds us of the priests who served the Holy Temple in Jerusalem day and night.

Thus, the Menorah is also used on Hebrew Jewelry for men, such as the beautiful cufflinks shown below.

These breathtaking cuff links, showing the Menorah, are made from a real Lirah coin from Israel, the size of a U.S. quarter. The cuff links are first layered in pure bright silver. Then, by hand, the Menorah is highlighted and brought to life with rich, pure 24k gold. This stunning work in Hebrew Jewelry, done exclusively by J&J Jewelers, turns the coin into a dramatic and true work of art. Each coin is hermetically sealed against wear in clear, hard acrylic coating. The coins are then made into a unique pair of cuff links and placed in a jewelry box.

Hebrew Jewelry such as this shows how exciting Jewish designs can be, combining traditional religious themes with modern works of art. What better way to celebrate your Jewish and Biblical beliefs?

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