How To Spell Kabbalah

In the last blog, we looked at the use of the Kabbalah in Hebrew Tattoos. As we will see, the Kabbalah is often used in Hebrew Tattoos, and themes from it appear in the Hebrew Tattoos of some very well-known celebrities!

Kabbalah is from a Hebrew word, written as follows:

You can see that the Hebrew letters are Kaf, Bet, Lamed and Heh. The question arises, however, about how to write kabbalah in English. The Hebrew letter Kaf could be written as k in English, but also c, giving kabbalah and cabalah. The Hebrew letter Bet is b in English, and when transcribing the Hebrew word into English, it could have one or two b‘s, giving kabalakabbalahcabala and cabbala. Some people add ‘h‘ to the end of the word because of the Hebrew letter Heh, giving other possibilities such as kabala and cabala, or kabalah and cabalah.

Thus, in English, all sorts of spellings of kabbalah are possible. Kabbalah and kabala are the most popular. We prefer kabala. But kabalah is also possible. Similarly, with a c at the start instead of k, the possibilities are cabbalahcabalahcabbala and cabalaCabala is also commonly used.

This explains why you will see so many spellings of kabbalah, kabala or cabala, or the other possibilities of kabalah, kabalah, cabalah and cabbalah. English is a crazy languages, is it not? In Hebrew, there is only one spelling, shown above!

Overall, kabbalah is the most popular spelling, but kabala and kabbala are also widely used (i.e. without the final h in kabbalah). Kabbalah and kabala can also be spelt with a c at the start, giving cabala as a fairly common spelling.

Our preferred spelling would be kabala, but we use kabbalah because it is more widely used.

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