Hebrew Jewelry vs. Hebrew Jewellery

The theme of this blog is Hebrew and Jewish Jewelry (Jewellery!). It is worth pointing out, however, that the spelling of Jewelry is not the same around the world, and many countries used the term Jewellery instead. We hope that people will find our Hebrew Jewelry site if they search for both jewelry and jewellery!

In the United States and Canada, jewelry is the spelling most often adopted.

By contrast, jewellery is preferred in Great Britain and other countries of the commonwealth, such as Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Jewellery, rather than jewelry, is also used in India and Ireland. You will find that web sites are split over the spelling of jewelry and jewellery, depending on which term the web site creator uses.

So, if you visit our web site from a country where jewellery is the common spelling, then don’t worry. We didn’t make a mistake, and jewellery and jewelry are both valid spellings! The Internet is multi-cultural and people come from countries where both jewelry and jewellery are used.

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